Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trying something new and old.

So I used to listen to this podcast... She went by Miss Violet. I identified with her, her voice and laughter reminded me of my cousin. I listen to all the podcasts even before they disappeared and even sent her a goody or two. Well she is a knitter, a perfumer, a dyer, but first a artist. She now has THIS. I guess I stalk her. It's ok... I still squee like a fangirl when she comments on my posts on FaceBook... But she pushes me to do stuff I wouldn't try, or rather haven't tried in a long time. I started as a artist, my father's 2nd wife was an artist.... I used to play in her office and draw and paint. At one time I remember her telling my Dad I wouldn't be an artist... My only honors in High School was National Artist Honors Society. I have worked in a lot of mediums (paper, pen, pencil, acrylic, pastels, fabric, yarn, metal, red clay, porcelain clay, fimo clay, wire, thread, watercolor, bead, glue, Spackle, dry wall [hey my bathroom ceiling looks awesome], words). I love drawing and acrylics...

So She has moved and still shedding stuff from her previous lives she found 82 ATC's and challenged her readers to follow along.Go read the entry and once you read it and probably everything else come back and I'll bet you have responded something like I did... "damn it i think i want to play...
January 28 at 1:25pm"

Well... Here it is a few minutes after midnight on February 2nd.
1) I have created 10 cards from Bristol board I had left over from High School. If you missed how to go here to learn how.
2) Drew one of my favorite things- a tree. Drawn with one of my favorite ZIG pens.
3) Looked around my desk and see what I could add to make the tree special and found my scrap of Aloo and my Diamond Glaze. I am very proud of my card! I will take a picture in the morning when it's dry.
4) I have blogged about it.


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