Monday, February 7, 2011

82 cards... 3,4,5...

So I'm a little tardy with these. The fact that it's Monday morning and  I'm on the train heading to Tacoma, and today is the 7th... I had envisioned make a card everyday however I started on cleaning my office, on Thursday. It is a feat of strength and fortitude, and it's still not done. But it's so going to be awesome when it is!
I got very distracted by cleaning and just meditated on what I wanted to do...then a thought can to me do a triptych. So with a assorted pack in my pocket and hoping I had a pen in my purse I headed to the sounder station. Drew these up on the ride so they have a little Dr. Katz feeling to them but now I'm only 2 cards behind and I need some finishing touches on these- like color... but pen to paper, and I've got a start.
I hope this kind of looks good since I'm posting from my phone.
Once I got home from CPR Class and cleaned up the original post and finished these three cards. I took a picture. Change, Emerge and Fly. I hope to follow through with these inspirations as I continue to clean my office. I got the little butterfly from my mom's house and had just thrown it out until I came upon today's study... It seemed like a perfect way to remember her and to fly.

Since I will be 3 cards behind tomorrow I think I feel another triptych coming along...

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