Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So im starting to prep for baby Lion.

OceanEdge is going to work on my office this weekend, so hopefully we get to start work on the Nursery soon. His folks keep reminding us to buy the crib, and send them the bill. :) I have been trying to figure out which cloth diapers to buy if any, then this give away came up! These would be great.Go Green Diapers Giveaway at Baby Half off blog.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sorry for the Hiatus

I think it was April that I think I last posted.... I said I was working on a large project and would get back to you all. Well as you might have figured out if you know me in real life or follow me on Ravelry. That I am so crafty that I make people!

  • I have been since also trying to catch up on other life tasks like having the roof on the house in Chula Vista done in 3 weeks, from starting to find a roofer to finish. 
  • Knitting things for the baby. 
  •  Trying not to puke. 
  •  Knit things for other babies that need knitting goodness. Like these for Vivian

  • Clean out the nursery, which actually got quickly cleaned when a friend had to move out of her house when one of her dogs, panicked during the July 4th fireworks and ripped the plumbing out of the walls creating a flood that caused all the flooring and the kitchen cabinet to be torn out. Leaving her to try to find a way to house her 5 cats. Thankfully she found other options.
  • Organize my office as I know once baby's room gets done I will never get the office of my dreams. So much of my office supplies, read that as crafty goodness, is all in the nursery, at least now in neat boxes. As OceanEdge has put together all my cubes, seen fresh from the store in this shot. 

Next step- cut giant whole in the wall, to set these in.
  • Set the giant pet project for Baby Reis off. As posted on my Facebook- Ok here is a question to you all I really want this blanket. I have wanted it since it came out. I have all but one skein of the yarn and I don't think I that I have the knititude, yeah I said it, you know fortitude for the knitting of it.I was wondering if I could maybe get some of you lovely knitting folks to knit a row or two of it and pass it around? It would mean so much more to have your energy in it too. (ok now I'm all teary eyed.) going to cross post this on a few of my FB pages....
      • So while I was in San Diego with the roof, I had my Aunt knit the first row, and gave it to my High School Friend Jennifer of the purple bag, she is going to mail it to my High School Friend, who's cute baby girl is Vivian. Then for there is will circle around my knitting friends in Washington. 
      • The colors don't match exactly as Knit picks did discontinue some of the colors but I think I got it close. I can't wait to see what it will look like and love that it will have all that knitted love in it. 
      • Interested in knitting on it drop me a line. 

Well I think I've got you caught up, at least a little, I did leave out the violin lessons I started but in between all the nausea it became to hard to practice but here if you want to torment the neighbors or your children. You can watch my practice video.

Friday, April 13, 2012

April opps...

Hi all I'm working on some big projects and have really lost track of blog time. I am still alive and doing well.
Wonder what some of the things I'm working on?
Well a pair of kick ass mittens for a swap buddy in Australia.
This is just the first mitten the yarn is Knit picks Chroma, and the second mitten will be a hot blooded dragon...

It's for a Dresden Files swap and she had this in her queue on Ravelry and since she is a beginner knitter and won't be up to this project for a while I thought I would help her out...
I love them and will knit them again, but at the same time can't wait to be done with them as there are other projects I'm dying to get done. I have had limited energy.... Oy vey.

Other projects that I'm working on will just have to wait for the reveal.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st

Ok it's been a month since I last blogged.... I've done some of those things on the list.
Ok well I'm stopping right now and going to book my violin lessons.
Ok back.
That is booked for Monday at 2:30 woohoo....

I've continued with weight loss this month with restarting my modified reboot diet, which for me means one grain product a day, which should be no gluten, and one meat product every other to every second day. I am already down to 192.5 lbs, and yes I track half pounds if my scale does it so do I. I also started the couch to 5K program, I am only on day 2. I did much better today and ran for all the running times except for 15 sec of the second to last one it was up hill a little...

I'm still in the middle of office refining, I still have big plans for the wall that lays on the eastside of my room, however at last count it will cost me close to $1000 for that so it waits...
But the DESK is painted and installed and doing something quite useful right now. The drawers aren't filled and the light is dead, but here it is.

I am still sorting my yarn the stash has been flashed and after a small AAAAHHHH moment of finding carpet beetles in the wool carpet downstairs no stash was harmed so it seems. There was one ball of yarn with damage but it was not on the floor but it got tossed anyway.

Still no painting forgot to get the brush and stuff from friend.

PI have been spinning I had a few fridays off and got a little more done however instead of going spinning today on thier knitting day, I went running.... bonus points for missing this week.

I am sadly still working on Amy's hand made gift I haven't even knit it at all since last week. so yeah I suck, it is just a stubbling block for me right now, I have to do something I don't quite understand so I'm avoiding it...

Oh well that is about it. I have to go take a shower and head to knitting to change that. Night all catch you later.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 people!

I started this year by weighing in at 196.5 lbs really not bad not bad at all. Here are my annual embarrassment statistics so that you all help me stay on top of things.
Statistics last year this year
weight 204.5 196.5
bust 42.5 42.0
waist 36.0 34.0
abdomen 42.5 39.0
hips 47.25 45.0
thights 28.50 29.0
calves 15.50 15.0
arms 14.0 13.5

I don't think I'm doing too bad, My overall goal weight I think is somewhere down by 165 but I haven't weighted that since High school and don't know if I want to be that low, I felt good in the 170's so that is were I'll probably end up.

Other resolutions-
  • Clean and redesign my office. This is in progress right now, I sold my old cutting table (conference table) last week. And am now cleaning and moving things around to prepare to install a new DESK one that fits my cubby space.
  • Paint rooms in the house. This has begun, we bought a tester of the bedroom color, but will wait until next friday when I get my painting stuff back from friend who was painting her office.
  • Work on spinning once a week. Go to spin ins, Covington library on Fridays at 10am, or at The Knittery on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 6-8pm.
  • Take Violin classes. Bought violin lessons from group-on last week! Practice day is on Mondays
  • Work on "WIP" these are knitting projects that are not yet complete, or works in progress. I have a few that are hanging around.

    Amy's handmade gift from 2011 is still on the needles, I really like the pattern, I bought the wrong color, then the wrong size yarn so I had a few delays, but it's plugging along right now.
    I have the rogue that needs sleeves.

    My traveling socks that are now 13 months old. Lastly my yosemite, which is up to the neck.
  • Knit for me, I tried this last year and it really didn't work for me. Too many babies, weddings and the likes. Even though there are babies, that haven't gotten knit wear from me yet doesn't mean they need it. If you noticed the WIP's are knit wear for ME. That is going to change.
  • Contrary to the above, I will knit OceanEdge a sweater, I bought the yarn for it 2 years ago now. I should get on that....
  • Keeping this house from being a pig sty, the last 2 weeks of December really made me short circut. This house was beyond my comfort level and that is really saying something. OceanEdge and I are working on a daily task list again, it's worked in the past, lets see if we can get it ironed out again.
  • Work on my garden. I have a few books like "Week by Week Vegetable Gardener's Handbook"
    that I hope to put to good use.
  • Sunday will return to day of growth. Franklin Covey preaches among other things to sharpen the saw. Stopping stepping back and redirecting before continuing working. So that will be on Sundays. I will read non-fiction like my gardener books, natural planting dyeing, religious books on sundays. Small problem- work is going to require me to work sundays, I was told we would rotate in and only a few weekend's a month so we'll see.
  • Working on Blogging and updating my ravelry pictures more. I have 3 of the handmade in 2011 that you still haven't seen, but they are done.

Ok with this post up I have to go outside and spray paint the drawer fronts to my new desk and drawer unit RED.

May your new years be bright, fun and healthy.