Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st

Ok it's been a month since I last blogged.... I've done some of those things on the list.
Ok well I'm stopping right now and going to book my violin lessons.
Ok back.
That is booked for Monday at 2:30 woohoo....

I've continued with weight loss this month with restarting my modified reboot diet, which for me means one grain product a day, which should be no gluten, and one meat product every other to every second day. I am already down to 192.5 lbs, and yes I track half pounds if my scale does it so do I. I also started the couch to 5K program, I am only on day 2. I did much better today and ran for all the running times except for 15 sec of the second to last one it was up hill a little...

I'm still in the middle of office refining, I still have big plans for the wall that lays on the eastside of my room, however at last count it will cost me close to $1000 for that so it waits...
But the DESK is painted and installed and doing something quite useful right now. The drawers aren't filled and the light is dead, but here it is.

I am still sorting my yarn the stash has been flashed and after a small AAAAHHHH moment of finding carpet beetles in the wool carpet downstairs no stash was harmed so it seems. There was one ball of yarn with damage but it was not on the floor but it got tossed anyway.

Still no painting forgot to get the brush and stuff from friend.

PI have been spinning I had a few fridays off and got a little more done however instead of going spinning today on thier knitting day, I went running.... bonus points for missing this week.

I am sadly still working on Amy's hand made gift I haven't even knit it at all since last week. so yeah I suck, it is just a stubbling block for me right now, I have to do something I don't quite understand so I'm avoiding it...

Oh well that is about it. I have to go take a shower and head to knitting to change that. Night all catch you later.

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