Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer is here.

My husband and I are campers and kayakers and generally outdoorsy people. For the previous two weeks we have been doing what we love. First weekend we headed up to Victoria on the clipper and walked around for two days. I, of course, found a yarn store.
Beehive Wool store is wonderful well stocked and inviting haven.... I took home 2 skeins of yarn one for me for my traveling socks I started in Disneyland and one for David for a new pair of travelling socks....
OceanEdge and I spent a great deal of time enjoying the good weather and walked the waterfront at least 5 times that weekend, so I was surprised to see a little yarn bombing arrive without me seeing who set it.

I cast on for a shirt that I wanted for a long time it is the Yosemite pullover. I cast on the night before the trip and on the way out on the clipper sat next to two other knitters. I ended up re knitting the sweater for at least 4 times but I worked on it all weekend. It's slow going but I hope to have it done before fall.

 Last week we went with the next door neighbor and his son to the Garlic festival in Ocean shores....We headed out Saturday night after my work, hurried out to a campsite in Twin harbor it was great and the camp fire was perfect for simple knitting I am working on a baby hat with the left over yarn from the matching booties.

 Sadly the Garlic festival was not very good, there were about 20 tents and 6 places for food and the food was less then gourmet. So we packed up and went to fly some kites....
My tail from my red barron kite tangled with OceanEdge's jet tail and I brought it down. :) He caught me on camera untangling....what a knitter knows how to do so well...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back to the outdoors.

I have finally started to carve out a little time for myself. I will begin my Violin practice again, and hope to find a teacher.

But I have started to want to work outside again. Work is balancing out a little, my full-time job has me coming in earlier and in theory leaving earlier. When we get all the kinks ironed out like having two surgeons scheduled and having the blood analyzer braking down for an hour. I might be able to leave on time! Today was golden. It was 70 degrees and clear beautiful blue PNW skies, and I got to leave an hour earlier, because I rock. I took a 45 minute nap on the couch and decided to go outside and plant some of the plants we bought Sunday.

We bought a tomato plant, dill, parsley, chives, and a lemon cucumber plant. Also a flat of strawberries, and a hanging planter so I can grow the tomato upside down.
So I took pictures all along the way of trying to figure out how to plant the tomato plant so lets see how it looks shall we?Buy  a simple hanging basket.Make sure it has a nice simple hole at the bottom big enough for a plant to go through cut a hole in the liner.

IMG_20110603_194946.jpg by KittenLion
simple hole
IMG_20110603_195008.jpg by KittenLion
Wrap the plant carefully in paper and place through the whole at the bottom
IMG_20110603_195215.jpg by KittenLion
hang and fill with dirt

IMG_20110603_195248.jpg by KittenLion
Hopefully I will have a happy little Tomato plant here, I planted some mint in the top of the planter, but only like 6 seeds so maybe I'll have to get something else to grow in the top....

I also started on my herb garden to the right of the above picture is the area I want to be my outside kitchen. I have always wanted to plant an herb garden and four years ago I did. Today I am proud to say there are still some of the plants the mint and the parsley have stayed. :)
Sorry the picture is blurry but I started weeding in that area again tonight too. Just below the brown or weeded section is my husband's mint he loves mojitos so I planted mint and was very surprised to see it still and that it had not taken over the whole thing....As you can see I got a great deal of the herb garden weeded before my back said I quit. I hope to plant some of the plants I bought tomorrow if the raccoons don't eat them tonight. I know they like dill.