Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sorry for the Hiatus

I think it was April that I think I last posted.... I said I was working on a large project and would get back to you all. Well as you might have figured out if you know me in real life or follow me on Ravelry. That I am so crafty that I make people!

  • I have been since also trying to catch up on other life tasks like having the roof on the house in Chula Vista done in 3 weeks, from starting to find a roofer to finish. 
  • Knitting things for the baby. 
  •  Trying not to puke. 
  •  Knit things for other babies that need knitting goodness. Like these for Vivian

  • Clean out the nursery, which actually got quickly cleaned when a friend had to move out of her house when one of her dogs, panicked during the July 4th fireworks and ripped the plumbing out of the walls creating a flood that caused all the flooring and the kitchen cabinet to be torn out. Leaving her to try to find a way to house her 5 cats. Thankfully she found other options.
  • Organize my office as I know once baby's room gets done I will never get the office of my dreams. So much of my office supplies, read that as crafty goodness, is all in the nursery, at least now in neat boxes. As OceanEdge has put together all my cubes, seen fresh from the store in this shot. 

Next step- cut giant whole in the wall, to set these in.
  • Set the giant pet project for Baby Reis off. As posted on my Facebook- Ok here is a question to you all I really want this blanket. I have wanted it since it came out. I have all but one skein of the yarn and I don't think I that I have the knititude, yeah I said it, you know fortitude for the knitting of it.I was wondering if I could maybe get some of you lovely knitting folks to knit a row or two of it and pass it around? It would mean so much more to have your energy in it too. (ok now I'm all teary eyed.) going to cross post this on a few of my FB pages....
      • So while I was in San Diego with the roof, I had my Aunt knit the first row, and gave it to my High School Friend Jennifer of the purple bag, she is going to mail it to my High School Friend, who's cute baby girl is Vivian. Then for there is will circle around my knitting friends in Washington. 
      • The colors don't match exactly as Knit picks did discontinue some of the colors but I think I got it close. I can't wait to see what it will look like and love that it will have all that knitted love in it. 
      • Interested in knitting on it drop me a line. 

Well I think I've got you caught up, at least a little, I did leave out the violin lessons I started but in between all the nausea it became to hard to practice but here if you want to torment the neighbors or your children. You can watch my practice video.

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