Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sayings I like...

Yesterday I was inspired by my stamp collections and created this one... I am really torn with this quote, I sometimes like and sometimes think it is cheesy as hell. 'Cus come on if you aim for the moon you won't land amongst the stars you'll just burn up on re-entry....
I guess that is motivational in it's own way.

There is another podcaster that I fell in love with, if you have not listen to Cast-on. Then you need to leave right now and go download them and listen to her. Her voice is great and I love just listening to her so much so I went and listen to a book she recorded for librovox. It was for the book "The Age of Innocence."  
Back to the ATC, one of her tag lines is

"If you are cold put on a sweater that is what they are for." 

I got this cute little sweater a few years ago from a knitting store in Seattle during the LYS tour, Shawna and I would drive all over Western Washington to go to all 38 or so stores in 2-3 days. This cute little sweater used to hold my keyring credit card, but now that card has expired it just didn't have a purpose. Well now it does....I give you card 11 and 12 produced on the days they should have been....

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