Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I thought I would try to just use what office and art supplies I have at home, I even put back a brand new package of watercolor pencils I had in my hand this evening after knitting... I have a travel watercolor kit at home I haven even cracked open.

I have been meditating on what I wanted to do for today's card all day. I had stamped the word GROW before I left for knitting at 6pm. I really wasn't wanting to go to knitting today. I really wanted to clean (gasp) my office it's a sty... But on the advice of a high school friend on FaceBook I went. And of course thoroughly enjoyed myself and once I got home I banged out today's card in 20 minutes tops.

I even added the blue sky to yesterdays card it seemed like it needed something.

I did break and buy Strathmore Assorted pack ATC's at Fred Meyer's How could I not they were on sale and then another 40% on top of the sale...

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