Sunday, May 22, 2011

I retire as Matron of honor last night.

I have been a matron of honor for two times in the last year and a half. My friend Tana finally snagged her man after 11 years or so of dating. I am happy to see the marriage is finally finalized. I also get to post the Bridal shawl. I originally bought a great deal of yarn the plan was to make a square shawl in the icelandic ways with sewn on edging I wanted to have it all four elements represented but it didn't happen.

The bride and her friends folded 1000 cranes to decorate the hall. So it seemed that the choice of the shawl was simple the Dancing Crane Stole was perfect. I ended using only 1 and 1/10 of the cream Kramer yarn it is Merino, silver and silk blend. I blocked it the first time with pins and decided that it was too pointed so I bought welding tig rods and re blocked it It came out beautiful and the bride loves it....
Next stop knitting for me again!

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