Sunday, April 17, 2011

Silence = busy

        So as some of you who know me in real life... I've been really busy. Once I started back to work I have been lucky enough to have 2 jobs. This has allowed me and the husband, OceanEdge, to get out of big bad debt into normal debt. I started working for a large company Veterinary Hospital and I am working ~38 hour weeks for them Wednesday through Saturday. I forgot how busy Saturdays are! Plus I work for my old Veterinary Hospital Mondays as a Office Manager and Tuesday as a Technician for about ~17 hours.

Plus I am planning my friends Bridal shower and my small vet hosp. 5th anniversary party in the same weekend.

Fritillaria lanceolata It's a native Lilly.
Plus I was taking a 6 week botany class through University of Washington.  This weekend was the final class, where we romped through deception pass park and identified native and non-native plants. This class was so much fun and I am very glad I was recommended to take a botany classes by a Bard friend of mine. He was right I am a little too solitary if I am allowed.

David came with and afterwards we climbed down to the water front and looked at the rocks hoping to find sea glass to no avail. We decided to take the long way home and stopped in Port Townsend. We walked around a little and tried again to go to the twisted ewe but they were closed. David found me another yarn store Diva Yarns and in gratitude I bought him some yarn that will match the scarf I made him this fall. We then had dinner at Alchemy it was fabulous, where I cast on for his fingerless mittens.  I knit them all the way home in the car and while on the ferry I untangled the second skein I bought.

Seattle from the ferry.

Today OceanEdge and I and some of my knitting buddies went to the spring fair in Puyallup. I am still on my yarn diet and didn't buy any yarn but bought two pieces of Tupperware. WE walked around for a few hours and looked at beautiful fiber and yarn, ate fair food. Cute animals and I didn't take a dang picture....

Well hopefully from here on out there will be some more time blogging. Bridal shower is May 1st. Company event April 30th.  Class is over so more time is hopefully around the corner.

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